Tent Draping

Tent Liners: We offer full tent ceiling coverage. Our liners are flame retardant, pure white, and are absolutely gorgeous! Available for our 30’ x Frame Tents and 40’ x Pole Tents.


Framework Covers (Frame Tents): white, flame retardant pole covers.


Website Tent Draping Photo 2Leg Drapes: White or black, flame retardant tent leg drapes for an extra finishing touch on either your pole tent or frame tent. Contact us for a quote.


Centre Pole Covers (Pole Tents): all white, flame retardant. Please contact us for a quote.


Tent wall drapes: all white, flame retardant, 10’x 7’, and are perfect for décor behind a head table. Can be used with our tent leg drapes and accented (with wedding décor.)